Root construction has the ability to crush and deliver high quality sand, gravel and scoria for your drill site and construction needs.  Not only do we supply crushed materials to the industry specific standards required for the oil and construction industry, but we can also work with you to develop specialty blends for your precise application.

We also offer our own specially formulated products developed for added reliability ensuring our customers’ production sites and access roads are usable and profitable long after other materials have broken down.

Root Construction owns and operates sand, gravel and scoria pits throughout the region ensuring that our customers receive premier quality materials with each order. If you have access to your own gravel or scoria pit, Root Construction has some of the largest and technologically advanced mobile crushing and screening equipment allowing you to take advantage of materials on hand while ensuring a quality end result.

Whether it’s pit run, sand and gravel or our premier Oil Field Special, Root Construction offers the right materials to keep your business running.


Root Construction owns and operates a fleet of trucks and equipment to support a wide variety of customer needs; from hauling rock to moving oversized equipment, we make it easy to work with one trusted company for all of your trucking needs. Our fleet of belly dump trucks and trailers is maintained to the highest safety standards and every one of our drivers must be appropriately licensed and pass a drug test and background screening. When you bring these together, what we offer is the added peace of mind that your materials and equipment are where you need them, when you need them, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

If you’re moving equipment just across the road or all the way across the Country, our experienced drivers and quality lowboy trailers are there to help keep your business moving also.

Site Work

Our team at Root Construction offers a unique expertise for the growing oil industry of the Bakken region. We offer the full package of site work from building and maintaining drilling and production locations to continued maintenance of  lease roads; our job is to ensure your products, people and equipment are where you want, when you want, every time.